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Week 4 of the Hansard Scholars Programme

Week 4 has been another learning-rich and enthusing week with the highlight of pleasant weather for the weekend!  Abundant sunlight and heat that reached the 30’s made me feel right at home as I continue to adore everything London has to offer.

Earlier in the week we had the unique opportunity to hear from a leading political journalist which was extremely insightful, and given my interest in how political policy is influenced by the media, I found this session very beneficial. There are certainly many tactics adopted by the media in framing political messages and as a PR student, I find this area of political science especially fascinating. The knowledge of this political journalist was second to none and he delivered a very informative session which we were very grateful for. We also had the chance to hear from the Hansard Society’s Director, Dr Ruth Fox, which was again a very intuitive session where we were able to capitalise off Dr Fox’s extensive knowledge and experience as a leading academic. I am looking forward to applying the skills and knowledge I am developing through the programme in my assessment items which I have recently commenced, and also into career as I look into the future.

This week I received the exciting news that my parliamentary internship placement has been finalised and I am thrilled to commence tomorrow in the Westminster office of Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP. Mr Javid serves as the Member for Bromsgrove and as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. His position is equivalent to that of a Senior Minister in Australia and I am extremely lucky to be able to intern for an MP with a high level of knowledge and experience. It was a pleasure to meet with Mr Javid and his staff last week to introduce myself and take a tour of where I will be working from as part of my internship. At present, it is an extremely busy time for MP’s and their staff who have only recently returned to sittings, and regained access to their Westminster Offices. From my background in Australia, I am very interested in Mr Javid’s policy area of Local Government, in particular, and am looking forward to gaining further knowledge and experience in his office over the course of my internship.

Amongst classes and study, I was lucky enough to immerse myself in London’s theatre culture seeing ‘An American in Paris’ last week. It was a fantastic night out and I particularly enjoyed the heritage of the theatre we watched it in. The music and choreography was world class and we all had an enjoyable night. I would certainly recommend the theatre experience here in London and it is safe to say I think I will be back for another show.

Another sensational moment this week was attending the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations in the form of her ‘Trooping the Colour’ event. I joined some of my peers (arriving two hours early) to gain a vantage point to see the procession, which the royal family were of course a part of. Given Australia’s status as a Constitutional Monarchy country, I couldn’t help but feel immensely proud as an Australian to witness this very special event and be able to see the Queen and royal family with my own eyes as they moved through the parade. The procession was exciting to see and it was a very enjoyable day out and about in the sun!

That’s all from me as I prepare myself for Week 5 – the time is certainly flying and I am loving every minute!

Excited to start as a Parliamentary Intern to Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP in the Palace of Westminster
Great to immerse myself in London’s theatre culture whilst here
A very special experience attending the Trooping the Colour event as part of the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations here in London.



Matt is a QUT Bachelor of Business Student studying double majors in Public Relations and Management. With an interest in public relations and communications, Matt particularly enjoys applying his skills to political and governmental contexts.

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