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Choosing which uni to attend was a big decision. I understood this decision would change my life and chose QUT due to its “real world” approach, however, I never considered my QUT journey would be so rich and in-depth.

The first year was tough for me. Culture, language and unfamiliar learning environment all caused me to have an up and down year. Now, as a second-year international student studying a Master of Business in Marketing, I have really appreciated the wealth of support that has been available to assist me in achieving my goals. Without all the support, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be selected for the QUT Business School Dean’s List, and this convinced me even more that choosing QUT was the right choice.

QUT offers an extremely “real world” learning environment which provides us multiple opportunities to learn and get involved. Therefore, I always to attempt to maximize the connections and get involved in different areas.

In November 2016, I started a project with two other students that provided an opportunity to work with industry partners as part of my postgraduate degree. We have spent a lot of time working closely and engaging with clients. The Australian history project which based on a fascinating book (Goondeen: an Australian Narrative by Sophie Church) which tells how three Australian men live in the same country, but have had very different life experiences. As a foreigner in Australia, I felt a great connection and was really interested in this topic. Their stories are helping me to understand Australia’s history and future direction.  Our role in the project is to assist clients to understand the potential target market and provide a marketing plan – especially in the areas of digital marketing and social media.

In my team, we have three people who are also born in different countries – how interesting it is! There is also a great synergy between our team and the concept of the project – three Australian stories from our three perspectives. I have been very lucky to work with Eve and Luis, we’ve learned a lot from each other and have delivered some great results for the project. During the initial discussion process, we had to approach the project with open minds and consider each member’s idea. I think it is our good communication which has allowed us to achieve positive results. Throughout the process, I have enjoyed engaging the team members and clients but I’ve especially enjoyed analysing the target market, consumer behaviour and digital strategy.

I’m excited about the unique experience I will receive by participating in the Australian history project as a consultant. Our team is really busy now with the proposed book launch set for August. I know there will be lots of different challenges ahead but I am very keen to participate fully in the process to understand all concepts of production and believe this experience will provide me with a wealth of knowledge and also benefit me in my future career path.

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Master of Business (Marketing)

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  1. Interesting read Ting, fascinating hearing about your early apprehensions when commencing at QUT. I’m sure many students find themselves being unsure and apprehensive in those early days.
    Thank you for sharing , being honest and insightful , great read well done.

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