Career mentor scheme

Meeting with a mentor

Every four weeks or so I wake up earlier than usual and catch the train to a café in Toowong. Here I meet with my mentor for coffee (or tea) and an informal chat about university life, career plans and prospects, interviews and applications, transiting into the workforce, or life as a CEO.

I met my mentor through the QUT Career Mentor Scheme and since then we’ve remained in contact and continue to meet regularly. Having a mentor is something that many students don’t consider until after they’ve graduated and entered the workforce. Finding a mentor while you’re still studying can help you remain motivated about study, and also assist you to prepare and plan for life after university.

My mentor was able to provide me with tips and advice prior to my first ‘real’ job interview. I’ve learnt about his career path and current role. He’s given me insight into the accounting profession and the opportunities available. We’ve discussed theory from my lectures and topics for my assessment. He’s encouraged me to develop my skills and given me perspective when I needed it.

If you would like to find a mentor while you’re studying, then I would encourage you to apply for the career mentor scheme or source your own mentor and invite them to join the program.


Master of Business (Professional Accounting)

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