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QUT BAMSA: A step in the right direction

Hi, my name is Minal and in July 2016, I joined the QUT Business & Management Student Association (BAMSA). In my third year of a double degree of Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Media and Communication, I felt that it was time to increase my involvement within the university and expand both my social and professional networks. As a student majoring in Human Resource Management, I wanted to join an association that would assist me in that area. Hence, I chose BAMSA.

Why BAMSA? Well, it is a student-led organisation at QUT aimed at providing professional development opportunities for students interested in the Business Management and Human Resources fields. I was immediately attracted to BAMSA as it has an executive committee passionate about their members, and allow members to develop knowledge and practical skills through a variety of activities and communal engagements.

So how did I become the 2017 Marketing Director you may ask? Well first, I contacted BAMSA through email and asked if there were any jobs available that I could assist with. I was then offered a task to promote their events through social media, such as their upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Facebook. Taking up this offer and completing the task helped me realise my interest for this area which really encouraged me to apply for a position as part of the 2017 executive team. Thankfully, I was voted the new Marketing Director.

Since joining BAMSA, I have had the pleasure of meeting a range of people. In BAMSA, you will find peers who are studying or have previously studied a subject you are currently taking, therefore you will always have someone to ask if you have any queries. Members are also always willing to help regardless if your matter is club or university related.

Our 2017 objective is to create and expand professional networking opportunities through industry seminars, skill-building sessions, networking events and social activities.

At our launch party, we have many surprises up our sleeves as well as a bar tab (bet that sparked your interest). This event is great for anyone who wants to join the association and to meet other peers who are majoring in your field or have similar interests. Let us not forget that at this event you can FINALLY meet the ‘infamous’ BAMSA executive team of 2017. I’m sure that’s the main reason you guys are coming anyways (a girl likes to dream okay).

If you are still wanting more of an insight on our association, just remember BAMSA is active on social media so feel free to check out our Facebook page and hit the ‘like’ button for more updates on upcoming events. If you can’t make it to our launch party or simply have a question that you can’t wait to ask, never fear, you can email us right away We look forward to hearing from you!

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Media and Communication

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