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On the 10th of October, Taste of Brisbane launched its first food tour of the semester at the delicious Afghani restaurant, Chopan Charcoal, located in Milton. Here, accompanied by 30+ guests, we were immersed in the owner’s culture and heritage while marvelling at the delicious morsels of food that continually filled our plates. At the price of $26 per person, the event proved to be great value for money as guests quickly became full with the steady flow of food making its way to our tables.







Our aim as Enactus with Taste of Brisbane is to promote Brisbane’s diverse culture through these organised food tours to refugee or migrant-run restaurants in Brisbane, and in turn promote Brisbane’s diverse culture through food. Through this we are able to showcase restaurants that would otherwise be unknown, introducing potential future and regular customers to these vendors and overall showcasing to Brisbane what these restaurants have to offer.

We can conclude that the latest food tour was a tremendous success, therefore we are holding another Taste of Brisbane event at Made in Africa on the 18th of November. As we return to an old favourite, this particular Taste of Brisbane food tour will feature a trivia night that will quiz guests about the African/Ethiopian culture they will experience at the restaurant with many prizes to be won. We encourage you to bring along friends and family as we will once again enjoy the lovely coffee ceremony delivered by the welcoming owner, Tesfaye Tefera.


As this is a night that is not to be missed, if you would like to attend our upcoming Taste of Brisbane event, tickets can be purchased here. To keep up to date with any future events, feel free to like Taste of Brisbane’s Facebook page to receive updates. We hope to see you there!

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