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Creative Minds unite at the Creative3 Forum 2016

On the 22nd of September I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few students chosen to attend the 2016 Creative3 Forum at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. This forum brought together the minds of some of the most creative start up entrepreneurs to speak and give insight into the risks and challenges but most importantly the rewards of executing what once was a small idea or spark. This forum helped inspire my fellow students and I to find our own spark and pursue it.

The forum delivered a range of dynamic and motivating guest speakers, highlights including:

Roger Ein – Bidchat – Interactive Live Streaming- The New Virtual Workplace
Anna Reaves – Stand in my Shoes Project – The UX of VR
Bethany Koby – Technology Will Save Us – Starting, growing, learning + Building a Creative Tech Business on a Mission
Ben Britten – Mighty Games – Game-Changers Unite
Ryan Lee- PinkFong – Scaling Asia: How video content and animation is powering the tech revolution

Anna Reaves began the forum on a high, hitting a soft spot amongst the crowd and inspiring innovations that make a difference. Her presentation on empathy and methods of story telling through Virtual Reality, left the audiences inspired, with this technology allowing people to see through the eyes of someone without limbs. Her current documentary, Stand in My Shoes Project, explores the evolution of empathy and how such VR experiences can change a persons perspective.

In the end it was Bethany Koby and her company Technology Will Save Us that left the audience inspired and motivated. Her business provides technology kits for kids so they can do there own programming and produce their own working technology. This is something she was very passionate about and it was clear throughout her presentation. It is this passion and commitment to a cause that has allowed her business to grow significantly.

The Creative3 Forum has been an experience I will remember. It has provided me with thoughts, ideas and concepts which will help in future start up endeavours. Fellow students and I found it a great opportunity to network amongst and get ideas from successful start up entrepreneurs who have faced challenges we are likely to face in the future and have experienced ways of overcoming it. Thank you to QUT Creative Enterprise Australia and the QUT Business School for this unique opportunity and experience, of which I hope to continue to attend in years to come.



Bachelor of Business (International Business)

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