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The weird, wacky and wonderful of Creative3

“I don’t have a steady personality”

This is what Chris Smith, founder of Area360, had to say about becoming an entrepreneur at 21, and now running a highly successful software development company. He was not necessarily studious, nor ambitious; rather, he enjoyed partying and socialising in his high school and college days. One day, he realised how tedious and painful the online ticketing service for his student organisation was – so he started his own software company based in Seattle. Okay, I’ve left a lot of things from his story, like the years of hard work and roadblocks. However, the one thing that really stood out from all the presenters at the Creative3 Forum was their sheer passion for the problem they were trying to solve.

Creative3 is an exciting one-day Forum held at the Brisbane Convention Centre and hosted by Creative Enterprise Australia based in QUT, Kelvin Grove. The event featured a wide array of entrepreneurs, journalists and creative professionals that shared their experiences of launching a passion into a start-up. I was joined by eight other QUT Business School students that embraced the energy of the day and were inspired by discussions on virtual reality, shark mitigation, fashion, online gaming and technology kits for children.

Creative3 is probably one of the few “Business” forums where you are encouraged, in fact, rewarded for taking selfies and constantly tweeting on your phone. I may have tweeted about 40-50 times as I scrambled to capture every golden piece of advice from the mix of quirky, down-to-earth and slightly conceited personalities sharing their rocky journeys in entrepreneurship.

All-in-all, the Creative3 experience exposed me to the weird and wonderful minds of “average” humans that decided to be proactive about their passions and persisted to make a difference in society. University is the perfect platform to explore these passions through traditional career pathways, or ones that we pave ourselves through entrepreneurship. I can safely say, its okay to have a personality that’s not so “steady”, and to keep telling people about your “weird” ideas until they finally realise it’s actually brilliant.


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