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How I got my internship at Queensland Treasury

My name is Jeseyka, I am in my penultimate year of a Bachelor of Business and I just completed an internship at Queensland Treasury thanks to EFB342 Workplace Experience in Economics and Finance.

I was given the chance to intern in the Energy team of the Shareholder and Structural Policy Division (SSPD) for six weeks, two days a week. My supervisors, Trent and Tim, ensured I had the opportunity to work on both the policy and governance side of their work. This approach meant I also worked across the network and generation aspects of the electricity market as well as preparing advice on multiple Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) submissions ranging from rebates for vulnerable consumers to climate change adaptation policy.

Jesekya and her team

In my first week, I was tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation for an introductory workshop based on regional electricity pricing, covering Uniform Tariff Policy (UTP) and Community Service Obligation (CSO) payments. I learnt the benefits provided to and the effort put into supporting both Regional Queensland and South East Queensland. These first two weeks ensured I learnt, understood and was able to apply the foundations of the work the Energy team undertook on a daily basis.

The Energy team was incredibly welcoming during my time, making sure I always had something new and interesting to do as well as making sure I attended as many meetings as possible to meet the people and departments responsible for creating the CBRC submissions. I was able to attend meetings with the Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS), the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP), the Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) and Stanwell Corporation to name a few.

During my internship I learnt how to write and prepare advice for the Treasurer through briefing notes, speaking points and letters. I worked on areas that included regional electricity pricing, electricity reform rebate and climate change adaptation policy. I was also able to work with Government-Owned Corporations (GOC), liaising with senior executives from the GOCs, and representing Treasury at meetings with other departments and GOC executives.

I had known for a while that I wanted to work in government and this opportunity to integrate myself into the workplace before graduation affirmed that for me. I highly recommend that any QUT student with the ability to enrol in EFB342 should definitely do it. This has been the best experience of my university career to date and going into my final year I now have contacts within the Queensland Treasury and a firm grasp on the industry, area and work I want to be a part of after graduation.

Bachelor of Business (Economics)


  1. Angela Fletcher Reply

    Jess is 1 of 20 students enrolled in EFB342 this semester. In Sem 1, 2017, we are anticipating our numbers will grow to 25, due to more hosts than ever before making enquiries about how to get involved. Make sure you apply by Monday 17 October at 9am so you can be considered for the next round of EFB342. Email me ( for details.

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