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Semester Exchange at Leeds University

After an incredible three months of travelling, I have finally arrived at Leeds University!

The past three months were definitely the most amazing time of my life. My sister and I visited over 40 European cities which truly opened our eyes to different cultures and ways of living and thinking (and eating!). We started at the Greek Islands which was incredibly picturesque and after thinking it couldn’t get much better, we soon discovered it could! We did a road trip over a week to Croatia through the Greek mountains, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro which was breathtaking. I honestly doubt there is anywhere in the world quite like this part of Europe and it was so nice to experience such a peaceful part of the world that was off the tourist track before heading to the big cities! We then sailed around Croatia for a week which left us with amazing memories, European tans and many new friends. We eagerly made our way to the land of Pizza, Pasta and Gelato where I definitely ate my fair share of this fantastic food. Italy was as beautiful as I expected – particularly Cinque Terre which was definitely the highlight.


After 3 weeks in Italy, I was excited to drive through the French Riviera where we then lounged on the beach in Nice for a few days before heading to Spain. Spain was one of my favourite countries, the people were lovely and we were fortunate enough to watch Real Madrid play at home which was incredible. We then heading to France and Belgium (those waffles!) and finished the trip in style in Amsterdam.

Even after three months in such beautiful places, not a day went by where it didn’t feel surreal. Due to the Semester in England not starting until Mid-September, we got the opportunity to travel so much because of the exchange. I would absolutely recommend doing an Exchange, despite this technically being my first day, because of the opportunities that come with it! I have already experienced so many new cultures, met some friends for life and gained so much knowledge and happiness that I’ll have for life. Now to get settled at University and start a whole new experience!

Anna Morton

Business and Creative Industries student at QUT

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Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) / Bachelor of Creative Industries (Fashion Communications)

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