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AMB264 Abbey’s Experience

I walked into my first AMB264 lecture, coffee in hand of course, assuming that it was going to be another boring lecture and unit within my degree.

I was soooooo wrong!

The unit caught me by surprise.

By Week Three I was introduced to the client brief for the semester, Ronald McDonald House. My first thought was ‘crap, this unit actually has a hell of a lot of work involved!’ But, like the good little student I am, I began working on the weekly tasks such as drafting media releases and backgrounders for the new Ronald McDonald House being built in Southbank.

This is when I became hooked because it wasn’t just an assignment anymore, it was interesting! I was legitimately excited to sit at my desk and play with words that would influence corporates to invest in Ronald McDonald House. I know right, neeeeerd!

Now we all know that QUT is a university for the real world, but this unit gave me a complete insight into what being a public relations practitioner involves. It was the first of my PR major units and I was blown away that the incorrect use of a comma could deduct marks from my assignments! However, this taught me the importance of attention to detail which is incredibly important for professional practice! I value the unit, and the incredible teaching staff for strengthening my writing skills and for teaching me how to disseminate key messages creatively!

The unit offers the amazing opportunity to have your work sent to the client, and even if you are unlucky and it doesn’t, you complete the unit with a comprehensive campaign for your personal portfolio. Being in your second year and already having a full campaign to show to potential employees is a real asset for YOU!

My advice? Take advantage of this unit! Working on real world client briefs is an incredible experience, which has consolidated my drive to succeed in the PR world, and hopefully yours too!

Abbey Stuart xx

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Bachelor of Business (Public Relations, Management)

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