Exchange and global opportunities

A long road to an exciting opportunity

For my brother and I, the unknown wonder of a semester abroad created the allure of an inviting and exciting opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and experience new cultures. So we did not hesitate to sign up and ‘luckily’ we both ended up at the same university. Unfortunately this meant organizing everything for two which won’t be so comfortable when we have to share a double bed jet lagged.

Leaving in less than a week it has been an arduous process to get here. We have had to get subjects approved, sort out accommodation and communicate with two universities when we all know how difficult it can be dealing with just one. None the less we are here and it has come all too soon. With suitcases half packed and only a few days to go, one can’t help but question whether we are truly prepared for what we signed up to.

With each day passing we get more excited as we get closer to stepping on that plane. With the list getting smaller, bags getting fuller and Top Deck tours throughout Europe being booked I am sure the next six months will be filled with many adventures, laughs, struggles, stories and memories. I personally can’t think of anyone else I would rather share this journey with than my brother.

And so we are off to great places! 

We are off and away!

With brains in our head.

Feet in our shoes.

any direction we can choose.

We are on our own. And we know what we know. And we are the ones who will decide where to go.

Oh the places we’ll go…


Bachelor of Business (Management) / Bachelor of Engineering

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