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The Hong Kong and Singapore study tour begins

Hey Everyone!

It has been a full-on holiday so far! I arrived from Papua New Guinea yesterday and already on an early 5:30am start to the day to Sydney and Hong Kong. And next weekend from Hong Kong to Singapore. My adventures in Hong Kong and Singapore are part of a QUT study tour for advertising and public relations students, supported by the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan.

20160625_115910I sat next to a lovely 26-year-old primary school teacher on the flight, and reminisced about boarding school, and chatted about the fantastic QUT opportunity I have lying ahead! I am Tiana Reimann, a 3rd year Marketing/Advertising/Chinese student who loves food,  photography and Chinese business. So be prepared for some food reviews, fab pictures and business tips through my blogs over the next two weeks!

We have been browsing through the impressive array of duty-free here at Sydney Airport before our expected departure of 9:20am. However, Talisa and I are now awaiting a later departure for 12:15pm :(.

As I’m typing, another announcement:
“ONGOING DELAY TO FIX THE AIRCRAFT, UPDATE IN 30 MINUTES.” I guess I should appreciate their consideration for safety first.

The airlines have offered a $20 voucher each so spending it well at Hudson’s Coffee on a smoothie, cupcake, wraps, and more! The food torture begins here but note, I am planning on gymming the hotel.  Emphasis on the “planning”…

Looking forward to touching down in HK at 7pm sharing many more exciting experiences with you.

Dim Sims for dinner? 😀



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