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Double Degree (QUT/EDHEC): Is it worth the challenge?

In July 2014 I started my studies at QUT in a Masters Business Advanced (Applied Finance) as an international student. Imagine the excitement, fear, uncertainty  and millions of crashing feelings I felt when I first arrived to Brisbane from a 36 hour flight (Mexico City – Los Angeles – Fiji – Brisbane). My first impressions of Australia were similar to most of the international students : A paradise full of friendly people that you will not understand half of what they are talking about. Do they even speak English?!

After a rough week trying to find accommodation in Brisbane, getting used to the language barrier, getting to know people and trying not to miss the people you left behind; Orientation Week arrived. For me, Orientation Week is one of the most important weeks you will have as an international student. It is the week in which you will get to know most of your future friends, your university, grading criteria, your new city and all the useful stuff locals already understand.2014-07-10 10.55.28

I am not exaggerating when I say that Brisbane is the most amazing city in the world. You have nice weather, friendly people, high quality of life, no criminality, wonderful nightlife, tourist destinations, multiple activities… So why did I decide to do a double degree in which I had to move to France for my last year after overcoming the difficulties of getting used to a new city and a different academic program?

When I first read about the double degree program with EDHEC (Lille, France) my first thought was who would want to move from Australia to France? However, after reading about the programs and understanding the benefits that this may bring to my personal, academic and professional career, I decided to apply to EDHEC for an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

Now two years have passed since I first arrived to Australia and I am confident to say that pursuing the double degree was the right choice for me. I don’t want to convince you that this is for everyone but just to give you an idea of why this program might be for you:

  1. EDHEC is one of the best universities in France and is always ranked in the top spots of the Financial Times for Business Schools in Europe. Employers know the university and acknowledge the high level of education that the students receive.
  2. Living in France you will have the opportunity of learning a third language that will allow you to improve your curriculum and broaden future career opportunities.
  3. Lille is in the North region of France, which is famous for their entrepreneur spirit and the facilities that they offer to start new Businesses.
  4. The challenge of living in a new city and having a different academic program will show recruiters your capacity of adapting to different scenarios.
  5. You will be able to experience new cultures. More than half of EDHEC Masters students are international. By the end of the year, you will have a home to stay in almost all the world.
  6. France is in the centre of Europe and is quite cheap to travel to different countries around Europe.
  7. Finally, in the MSc entrepreneurship, you get to travel one week to San Francisco to experience the Silicone Valley Ecosystem.

I hope you find this blog useful and don’t hesitate to contact me in case of further questions.

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