Exchange and global opportunities

Double the fun

Imagine going on exchange … and sharing the adventure with your twin or sibling!

Next semester, twins Annabella and Gabriella, and brothers Jordan and Andrew are heading off to the UK for a semester abroad.

They’ll be sharing some of their stories from their travel on our blog. But before they take off, we thought we’d introduce you to them!

Meet Annabella and Gabriella. Before they embark on their study for Semester 2, Annabella and Gabriella are travelling to Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands!


Studying: Business (Public Relations) / Creative Industries
Going on exchange to: Leeds
Dream job: Fashion Public Relations
Summer or Winter? Hmm … My mind always changes. My favourite season would have to be Spring! If I had to choose between summer or winter though – I’d probably have to say Summer.

Studying: Business (Human Resource Management & Public Relations)
Going on exchange to: Cardiff
Dream job: Being paid to travel and photograph my experiences!
Summer or Winter? To be honest, I like both but neither too extreme. I’d say winter but I’m sure once I experience the UK winter for a few months my mind will change and I will miss the Australian heat. So, I’d choose Spring or Autumn!


Brothers Jordan and Andrew are heading off on a huge European adventure, exploring: France, Switzerland, Vatican, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Greek Islands, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary – before settling in to Leeds University for a semester.


Studying: Business (Management)/Engineering
Going on exchange to: Leeds
Dream job: Owner of an Engineering Consulting Firm
Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones

Studying: Business (Management) / Engineering
Going on exchange to: Leeds
Dream job: Either owning an Engineering firm or working in research and development of new ideas and concepts
Favourite TV show: Vikings

Stay tuned to hear more about their adventures – as Gabriella, Annabella, Jordan and Andrew will be sharing stories on the blog!


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