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From no experience to full-time job in PR

As a student currently studying Mass Communications at QUT, and pursuing a career as an Account Coordinator at successful digital marketing agency, TwoCents Group, it might seem that I have always boasted a focused and ambitious mindset. However, this was not always the case.

As of recently, I wasn’t necessarily ‘driven’ in the context of my uni study. In fact, you could say that I was just cruising along and espousing the sentiment “p’s [passes] get degrees”. With an aptitude for changing courses time and time again, and not taking assessment completely seriously, it was clear that any future or prospective career wasn’t number one on my list of priorities.

It wasn’t until I progressed in my Introduction to Public Relations subject that I found myself acknowledging the importance of experience and its bearing on my future career. University subjects such as Intro to PR being the primary vehicles that would solidify my credibility, a revelation regarding my attitude to uni propelled.

I usually wouldn’t attend a lecture unrelated to the assignment, or if all assessment was over, attend an ‘extra info’ lecture. However, the entire lecture consisted of guest speakers. These QUT graduates of public relation spoke of their experience leading up to their entry into the professional or ‘real’ world. The emphasis placed on interning from these guest speakers armed me with the motivation to apply to the aforementioned digital marketing agency, TwoCents Group, and as a direct consequence of this determination, I was offered an internship.

Interning at TwoCents Group put every objective learned through my degree into practice. Working only two shifts per week, it was almost incomprehensible that I was gaining these vital skills so instantaneously… and that I was enhancing and refining them to the ‘nth degree’. Overall, these new traits indicated the capabilities I didn’t even realise I had – which was a huge confidence builder.

With a few weeks experience under my belt, I was quite satisfied with the knowledge I had acquired thus far, but being in ‘the right place, at the right time’ was about to become an increasingly prevalent concept in my life. After only five weeks of interning – coupled with the sudden departure of the Accounts Coordinator – I, an undergraduate, was offered her role.

For three months of the QUT semester break, I was working 8-5, Monday through Friday as an Accounts Coordinator, and learning more than I ever had in my degree. This opportunity was extremely daunting, as my limits were tested in a range of various tasks I’d never taken on board prior. However, the tremendous direction offered to me by my boss simplified each challenge that I faced. Every day I was served up a new mission – whether I was writing a media release for Hog’s Breath Cafe or promoting the latest film. I had become accountable for a series of clients and acquiring the PR language through consistent communication with the media.

Having this experience gave me the confidence necessary to discerning and identifying my own competence and talent in this industry. It’s incredible to think that just 6 months ago I wasn’t really engaging with the notion of a ‘future career’, whereas I now have a secure job in the industry and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Not only has this position at TwoCents Group made me an ambitious and confident student, but it has expanded my communication, writing and productivity skill sets. I’ve found that coming back to university this semester, my motivation levels are higher than ever before, and my thirst for learning is increasing exponentially.

It may sound cliche: although this role has changed my outlook as a student and individual, it is actually applying yourself that can ultimately result in a plethora of benefits. If you are currently doubting your ability within your degree, it’s important to start making small endeavors that can benefit you in the future. Whether it’s talking to the tutor or lecturer, researching internship opportunities or making a friend in your degree, you have to start somewhere. So why not start now?


Bachelor of Mass Communications (Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication)


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