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As a postgraduate student within the QUT Business School I knew that I wanted to get the most out of both my studies and from what the university offers. Throughout orientation and the first few weeks I was looking for societies and programs that I could use to improve my skills while making myself more attractive to potential employers.

This is where I first heard about QUT Business Advantage, a modular based program that aims to improve professional skills by connecting students with industry facilitators. Covering a wide variety of topics including professional communication, networking, executive thinking, design thinking and more, the program is highly informative, interactive and relevant.


Throughout the modules I have completed I have met some amazing students with varying backgrounds coming together to improve their skills, learn new things and to grow their network. The quality of facilitators is also very impressive, including an Associate Director at BDO, a leading expert in design, a networking professional with 20+ years experience and more.

In addition to the high-quality industry facilitators, many of the modules involve a networking/Q&A session with a panel of industry insiders, including recruitment specialists, recent graduates and other impressive contacts.

QUT is also piloting a ‘co-curricular record’, similar to an academic transcript, the co-curricular record is a statement provided by the university highlighting certain extra-curricular programs. By completing four of the Business Advantage modules, QUT will provide a co-curricular statement. Each module also entitles you to a certificate of completion.

If you are looking for a flexible extra-curricular program that can enhance your skills, challenge your thinking, build your network and appeal to employers than I cannot recommend the Business Advantage program enough. So I would encourage every QUT Business student to check out the program.

The modules are listed on Career Hub and are generally run in the beginning weeks of the semester. If you have any questions contact the Business Advantage Coordinator who runs the program, and is really helpful.

Oh, and did I mention, the modules are catered!



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    Business Advantage is one of 26 programs and more than 10 student clubs included in the 2016 Co-Curricular Record Pilot. Students involved in these programs and clubs can apply to have their involvement and roles showcased on their co-curricular record using OrgSync.
    Check out the QUT website with information about how to get started building your own co-curricular record:

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