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Internships can be confusing, scary, and downright confronting – however, as I reach my fourth week of being an intern, I can honestly say that they’re more than worth the crazy rollercoaster of emotions.

Going into my first week, I was incredibly worried. There was an abundance of people to meet, new systems to learn, and a specific culture to embrace. My top three quick tips that I learnt during this week were:

  • Don’t wait for other employees to introduce you – make the move!
  • Ensure you’ve read all the necessary policies and procedures (and understand them).
  • Ask as many questions as you need to ask – and don’t apologise for asking them in the first place.

I’m not going to lie, I totally didn’t plan this article and I’m just letting my conscience do its thing right now. Turns out there are waaaaaay more than three pieces of advice. You’re in luck…

Your first week is incredibly important as an intern, as you want to make a good impression. However, don’t put on a corporate flunky attitude to try and fit in – just be yourself! It’s corny, but true; the company took you in as an intern because they saw that you had something to offer them. Don’t shy away from who you really are to blend in with everyone else.

If you have an idea during a meeting – say it! What’s the worst that could happen? Sure, your idea might not be implementable, or it might not hit certain KPIs, but your fellow team members will be grateful your thoughts. You never know – that idea that may not have worked for a sponsorship campaign might be perfect for an internal communications strategy.

Being open and willing to learn is incredibly important. For that intrinsic first week, you are a sponge. Repeat after me – I AM A SPONGE! You are an incredibly absorbent sponge, soaking up all that company data and knowledge. Make sure you don’t wring yourself out too much though.

Depending on how often you’re working, work-life balance can be a big deal. Make sure you’re putting yourself first; sleeping well, eating well, and going to Uni. Catching up with friends is definitely a must, and try and get some exercise in there too. Or, go for two birds with one stone and join a social sport!

I’d also recommend keeping a journal – not one of those “Dear Diary” sorts, but chronicles of your day to day responsibilities and tasks. Not only can you use this as a refresher for certain skills later on, but you’ll be able to pull together some awesome points for your resume or LinkedIn profile.

But all in all, just go for it! Whether you’re a first year or in your sixth year of your degree, make sure you’re applying for as many opportunities as possible. Be a yes man. All of the interviews and applications processes are great experiences in themselves, let alone the feeling when you actually get the gig.

Go forth and apply!

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