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Work experience as an Economics & Finance Student

As a QUT Business student it will only be a matter of time before you come across ‘Work Integrated Learning (WIL); one of the many ways you will gain real-world learning through your degree. Our Economics and Finance students have worked in a range of exciting and relevant placements; with some even going on to be offered employment opportunities. Maddison, Doug, Harleen and Jess share their insights from participating in WIL.

Maddison Hoey

Bachelor of Business
Major: Economics
Minor: Finance
Maddison Hoey
The Work Integrated Learning Program was undeniably the most valuable six months, both professionally and personally. I was very fortunate to be placed at QIC within the Global Multi-Asset Team, and was given a very stimulating and challenging research project which I presented to the QIC team on my final day. I attended once a week for the duration of my placement, and found myself fully invested in the project I was completing and the additional skills and knowledge I was gaining.

Am I a burden?
My greatest concern was that I would be a burden to the QIC team; that my inexperience would lead to frustration and wasted time. However, I was comforted by the confirmation that my project was very valuable research that would be used and built on by the team. I was killing two birds with one stone – I was helping complete a research project that the team was unable to resource, and I was enhancing my knowledge and learning hands-on skills.

The skills I learnt
Throughout the duration of my project I learned some amazing excel skills and was also exposed to Bloomberg and other financial tools that I hadn’t had access to during my studies. The opportunity to learn these practical skills was invaluable! The technical skills and relationships I built during my placement helped build my professional maturity and positioned (and primed) me extremely well for life following uni.

A job offer!
My experience with WIL was enhanced even further when following my placement I received a call asking if I would like to join QIC as a part-time employee while I finished my degree, following which I was offered a full-time position as an Analyst.

If you had asked me what I would be doing now a year ago, I can guarantee it wasn’t this! WIL changed the path of my career and accelerated my professional growth.

Overall, WIL was the catalyst for my employment and gave me the opportunity to build invaluable professional relationships. In the 5.5 years I spent at Uni, the WIL Program was undoubtedly the best experience and most incredible opportunity I was given.


Doug Walden

Bachelor of Business
Major: Finance

I was given the privilege of completing my WIL placement with KPMG Brisbane, in the Transaction Services (TS) department. The nature of the placement followed a typical KPMG internship, used to give students an intimate familiarity with the business and apply university gained knowledge and skills to prepare for the work-force.

The experience over the six-months gave me incredible corporate experience, applied learning, excellent networking, and most importantly, an entry into the industry in which I desired to work one day. Having that experience gave me an advantage in all of my applications, and contributed significantly to my achieving my current full-time job in the industry, while additionally providing value to KPMG in the assistance which I could provide during the time.

The WIL program is unparalleled in the real-world application is provides and the new motivation & direction which students develop upon completion.


Harleen Bhasin

Bachelor of Business
Major: Finance

One of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences I had at university was through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subject. Having the opportunity to intern whilst studying is a highly valuable opportunity. The internship program is a great way to gain insight into the real world and understand how a corporate organisation operates.

The program gave me a deeper understanding of how my theoretical knowledge can be put into practice and most importantly assisted with my personal and professional development. My experience in particular at Deloitte gave me advantages over other graduates when looking for employment.

I was put to work like a regular employee which meant that I developed many different skills and had valued experiences that set me apart. Furthermore, the program gave me a clearer understanding as to where I want to go and what to expect in my career. The WIL program I believe, has been a significant contributor to helping me get to where I am today and for that I am so grateful.


Jeff Xie

Bachelor of Business
Major: Finance

Jeff Xoe
Completing the Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) Program has allowed me to embark on my career in the financial sector. During my internship at QSuper, I had the opportunity to thrive in the competitive nature of a corporate environment.

Out of the many tasks I had during the internship, my primary role was to assist in developing a new service offered to clients. With this experience on my CV, I have applied and have secured a position in Westpac’s 2016 Graduate program within the Retail and Business Banking division.

Without this internship, I would not have had a competitive edge in the current job market. Thus, I encourage students to apply for the WIL Program and hope there are an increasing amount of quality host organisations participating like QSuper to provide a platform for ambitious students to perform and gain invaluable experience.


  1. Angela Fletcher Reply

    Expressions of interest for Semester 2s intake are sent to all economics and finance majors in Week 9. Interviews for eligible students are conducted in Weeks 12 & 13. You must submit an EOI if you are wanting to participate in this exciting program that can open doors for your professional career.

  2. Dilum Kanchana Dissanayake Reply

    I ‘m doing major in accountancy and would like to join (WIL) programme. Appreciate if you can send me a details how to apply.

  3. Is there a minimum GPA needed to gain a work experience placement as an economics student ?

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