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The double degree survival guide

My first official day as a QUT student started with heavy rain, a bad cappuccino, a coffee stain on my pants, falling into a stranger’s lap and tripping up two sets of stairs. Fast forward four years and my days now typically include good cappuccinos, falling into a stranger’s lap and only tripping up one flight of stairs. I guess you could say I have really grown over the years.


‘What is your secret?’ you may ask. Napisan helps with the coffee stains, so does black clothing. However, I am about to share the secret krabby patty formula with you in the form of a double degree survival guide. Save this guide and thank me later (with a great cappuccino).

  1. How to navigate better than Google Maps

    The best way to find your way around campus is to hold out your map and look very confused. People here are really nice and will help you. Alternatively,  I would highly recommend the campus tour, along with downloading the QUT app on your smartphone, as it comes with campus maps (the app is a life saver).

  1. Becoming the Master of Two Degrees

    Get to know both of your degrees. Know where the faculty is and how your degrees work. The orientation sessions are a great way of doing this. It will save you a lot of time, believe me. I did not know who the law faculty dean was until my second year (forgive me law gods).

  1. Setting yourself #SquadGoals

    You do not need to become the campus socialite, however knowing a person or two will make a world of difference. I made a whopping two whole friends in my first year of university… so I guess you could say I’m somebody around here.rs_500x227-131003121719-mean-girls-21
    Jokes aside, having people to bounce ideas off and discuss assessments with is a great advantage. You can struggle through those late nights together! Making friends is easier than you think. I made my first friend whilst picking up my free QUT shirt. I accidentally elbowed her whilst trying my shirt on; we have been inseparable since. However, a simple ‘hello’ works wonders too (and prevents injuries). 

  1. Talk to people handing out freebies and pamphlets

    I made the mistake of ignoring them during my first year. I therefore missed out on learning about the campus Quidditch team, along with faculty societies and volunteering opportunities. I also missed out on gaining free wristbands, selfie sticks, hats, lollies and coffee vouchers. I can live with myself for missing out on the selfie sticks, but not the free coffee vouchers. As a coffee addict I was extremely disappointed with myself (forgive me coffee gods).

  1. Sign up to coffee loyalty cards

    On the above note, sign up the moment you find your favourite barista. You will be surprised by how much coffee you will go through. Trust me on this one. Exam block becomes a little bit sweeter when you’ve accumulated enough loyalty points for a free coffee.

  1. Make yourself at home

    As a dual degree student, you have five years until graduation – so make yourself at home. Hunt down a favourite spot in the library, get to know the printing services, know where the best coffee and food is and simply enjoy. Despite feeling like you now live on campus, your time at university is shorter than you think, so make the most of it!

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Business (Economics)

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