Double degree

How to keep up with a double degree

Have you ever left your assessments to last minute? They also happen to be based on two completely different topics as well?

I have had that happen a lot lately! For example, two weeks ago I had a Journalism assignment due on Friday but had a Business Law and Ethics test the next day which I did not do enough study for!

How do you manage it all though?

Lisa Simpson
12 hours of study for a subject is achievable with a good plan. (photo is from tumblr).

I found out that planning in advance can be really useful, a cliche I know but it’s true! I use a huge weekly planner on my table in my room to plan my week and a few days ago I bought a cute little Kikki K. diary during their sale which is small but easy to carry around in my bag. It’s good to plan things out and constantly keep up with what you have done. It makes study and assignments so much easier! I personally use little stickers to mark the due date of an assignment or a test and I always write down my plans for the following week on Sunday nights. It’s just an idea of what you could do too!

Weekly planners and diaries not really your thing? Not to fear! Plenty of other ways to keep yourself up to date with your workload. You could use your phone by finding an app that suits you or you could even use the notes on your computer and make a habit of checking daily everything you need to do for the day.

It’s important to know that those 12 Credit points you receive for a unit reflect the amount of hours of study you have to do for that unit! If you can’t do 12 hours a week for one subject, try to find a reasonable amount of time that suits you but still allows you to get through all the necessary content. It will be worth it!

Well that’s all from me for tonight, folks!

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