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Creative3 Forum

On the 17th of September, I was one of the lucky few students who was selected to attend the Creative3 Forum. This forum hosted a diverse selection of successful entrepreneurs, attracting many hopeful start-ups to the event, each emphasising the need to takes risks and experiment regarding creative enterprises. Not only did this forum provide great networking opportunities, but also provided the ability to gain insight into the various industries represented by the speakers and the visitors that Creative3 attracted.

Some particularly interesting and dynamic presentations for me included;

  • Gwendolyn Regina, Mashable – regarding ‘The Future of Media’
  • Sanoop Luke, Youtube – regarding ‘The Future of Kids Content’
  • Michael Fox, Shoes of Prey – regarding ‘The Future of Fashion’
  • Kate Hynes, Halfbrick Studios – regarding ‘The Future of Games and Digital Disruption’
  • Ben Johnston, Josephmark – regarding ‘The Future of Design’ and,
  • Christie Poulos, King Content – regarding ‘The Future of Content Marketing’

Personally, I found the presentations by Ben Johnston and Kate Hynes even more engaging as these local organisations described their Brisbane-based companies making a global impact. Often thought that to be influential world-wide organisations, that they must head overseas, these organisations disproved this assumption in their captivating speeches. These organisations, Josephmark and Halfbrick Studios, are also mentioned quite frequently in university lectures, so I found this extremely beneficial in being able to hear their stories first-hand of how they became so successful.


As a student, attending Creative3 proved invaluable as speakers discussed upcoming technologies that may likely be used and implemented by colleagues and myself in the near future.

However, as a first-year student in particular, this experience was truly eye-opening. Not only did the speakers inspire everyone to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship, but also presented the exciting opportunities of these industries that I am eager to engage in and explore.


Bachelor of Business/Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)

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