The 2015 Enactus National Conference and Championships

With 17 competing teams, the 2015 Enactus Australia National Conference and Competition took place at Grand Hyatt Melbourne from 7 – 9 July. Enactus QUT participated in the competition with a team of 10 students, Faculty Advisor, and two projects: Discover and Many Ways Forward.

I have had the pleasure to be part of the Discover project for the past seven months, focusing on mentoring culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women, who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Through this project, I had the honour to participate in my first Enactus National competition, as well as step onto the stage with four other Enactus QUT members.

I initially joined Enactus to make a difference and enact social change with the tools I have had the privilege to learn through my education. In addition to that, I have had an opportunity to meet some really incredible people with similar values and interests, learning about leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship.

I was really excited to be given the opportunity to share the stories of those who we have had the chance to help and mentor during the past half a year. Even though the competition itself required a fair bit of preparation, as the 17 minute presentation included an annual report, script, introductory video, and PowerPoint presentation, to mention a few, it was a learning experience like no other. Moreover, after spending a lot of time together, the team got to know each other really well. The experience reminded me how kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and driven this group of future leaders are. This motivation and determination our team possesses, was also noticed by the 2015 Nationals judging panel, and Enactus QUT team was humbled to be awarded the Spirit of Enactus award, as well as progress all the way to the Finals with three other Enactus teams.

Even though the Nationals competition was a really valuable experience, the core purpose of Enactus is to help people in need through entrepreneurial action, and therefore I am extremely excited and looking forward to see what Enactus QUT comes up with during the following year.

Are you interested in creating a better world through entrepreneurial action and empowerment? If yes, we would love to hear from you.

Sinna Keurulainen
Project Manager
Enactus QUT


Master of Business (Management and Marketing)

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