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Omnicom Media Group – The Power Rangers of the media industry

Experiencing the Hong Kong subway during rush hour made us feel like herded sheep and in dire need of TLC. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) Hong Kong did not disappoint and welcomed us with a smorgasbord of insightful (and edible) delights.

The Omnicom Media Group works across advertising, media planning and buying, marketing services, specialty communication including PR, and digital. It’s one of a number of global groups that have moved away from a traditional focus on media planning and buying to build an interconnected, global network. The group has more than 70,000 staff in 30+ marketing disciplines, across 1,500+ agencies. So OMG – it’s big!

OMD Office Hong Kong
OMD Office Hong Kong

I was particularly interested in our visit to Omnicom as I work for OMD Worldwide in Brisbane. OMD Worldwide is one of Omnicom’s full service media networks.

The Omnicom Media Group stable also includes agencies such as another full service media agency PHD Network, Resolution specialising in search, Accuen for programmatic media buying, Airwave specialising in mobile, and big name agency brands like Clemenger, BBDO, DDB Worldwide, and TBWA.

The Head of Mobile at Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong, Bradley Dowding-Young had a useful way to describe how various agencies worked together.

“We’re like the Power Rangers,” he explained. “Once all our divisions combine, they are unstoppable.”

I’m sure there were some spandex suits and visored helmets somewhere in the office!

As I am currently working at OMD in Brisbane, I was intrigued to see if OMD Hong Kong and the broader Omnicom Media Group had the same ideology and brand ethos as my home office. Our industry visit reassured me as we were welcomed with the same enthusiasm, zest, passion and professionalism that are lived and breathed by OMD counterparts Down Under.

OMD H.K & Aus Team
Deric Wong (Managing Partner- Strategy H.K), Bradley Dowding-Young (Head of Mobile H.K), Sarah Kramer (Media Assistant AUS), Adrian Teh (Accuen) & Jan Harling (Business Planning Manager).

Along with Power Ranger Bradley, we were welcomed by a smorgasbord of experts willing to share their expertise including:

  • Deric Wong – Managing Partner, Strategy for OMD China and Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong
  • Jan Harling – Business Planning Manager for OMD
  • Karie Chan – Platforms Director for Resolution
  • Adrian Teh – Account Director for Accuen.

Each of these professionals put their own personal slant onto their presentation and offered us insightful, informing and engaging perspectives on particular case studies and the Hong Kong Market.

OMD Hong Kong
Deric Wong (Managing Partner- Strategy)

One case study that stood out was the McDonald’s
Monopoly Campaign. This combined all the divisions into an engaging, interactive guerrilla street style approach, turning the city into a life size monopoly game board for six weeks. The interactive use of familiar tokens and signs increased consumer awareness as they invoked fond childhood memories. This interactive and original approach demonstrated OMD’s innovation to stand out and be different in a saturated market place, such as Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Media Landscape:

QUT Students
QUT Students ‘Elevator Selfie’- had to have one at every visit!
  • TV is the main media used with over 90% of Hong Kong households spending time on live TV (HKTAM Nielsen, 2015).
  • TV is still preferred in Hong Kong over live streaming (such as Netflix), as the people prefer local content.
  • TV ad breaks – more frequent with a longer duration than in Australia
  • Smartphone penetration/speed is higher in Hong Kong than Australia, at a massive 233% (Yes that means every Hong Konger has on average almost two and a half smartphones).
  • Facebook is a major time spender in Hong Kong as well as WeChat
  • Hong Kong is one of the most connected countries in the world
  • China is adopting digital very fast however the infrastructure is slow and affects the function of platforms.
  • Hong Kong is behind both China and Australia in the digital space

All photos courtesy of Idam Adam QUT student 2015


Bachelor of Business (Advertising) / Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive & Visual Design)

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  1. Lutz Kramer Reply

    I am amazed by HK network speed and utilisation of smart phones, OZ and to do lot more to align ourselves to the rest of the world, especially for Regional areas

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