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The art of transformation according to DigitasLBi

For our last industry trip on the 2015 Hong Kong tour we visited QUT graduate Dean Vowles, the latest featured face in QUT’s ‘Graduate Success’ campaign. Dean works at DigitasLBi (DLBi) in Hong Kong, a digital agency with many highbrow clients including Disney and Cathay Pacific. Dean and the team at DLBi were kind enough to educate us on the function of a digital agency and their unique roles. Here are a few of our highlights:

Carol (Account Director)

As a global marketing and technology agency, Carol explained that DLBi aims to transform businesses for the digital age. DLBi uses a unique blend of creativity, data and technology in order to help clients achieve this transformation and future-proof their businesses. Carol also touched on the beautiful unicorn in the DLBi logo as being a symbol for the imaginative, creative culture of the agency.

Cora (Lead Analyst)

It was particularly interesting to hear from Cora about how Hong Kong is often used as a gateway for global companies to China. For instance, as globally popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are banned in China, Chinese consumers have turned to one-on-one messaging platforms like WeChat. This increasing censorship has changed the face of media and advertising in China, and Cora believes these new trends may be adopted in Western culture.

Sophie (Senior Account Manager)

As Sophie’s role revolves around client relations, she focused her segment on how to close the gap between agency and client by stepping us through The Trust Equation.


The group had a great time engaging in Sophie’s hypothetical client problems, which reflected different aspects of the equation. These activities really drove home the importance of having solid communicative skills with clients in order to maximise success.

David (Lead Strategist)

David described his role as a strategist as part logic and part magic. While logic is important for understanding the problem, magic comes from using this knowledge as a springboard for creativity. Transforming hard facts into creative consumer insights can be a challenge, so David let us in to a few of his favourite techniques and questions to help us along our way. My personal favourite was the ‘power of not’, an activity where you imagine life without a particular product.

Judy (Art Director)

Judy shared her own personal steps with the group on how to tackle a creative brief. What I found most interesting about her role was the importance of data—I expected Judy’s job to centre on design, but she emphasised the importance of defining your goals and target audience before beginning the creative. Once the design has been developed and implemented, ROI metrics are used to measure success.

Patrick (Head of Optimisation & Analytics)

According to Patrick, the key to his role is the measure-analyse-insight-strategise process. As measurement from a variety of channels (email, web, mobile, and many more) creates data, that data is in turn used to understand underlying segments, trends and patterns. Analysis of this is what generates insight, drives strategy and ultimately helps the business thrive.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at DLBi and could not have imagined a more comprehensive, well-rounded way to end our study tour. Keep it real, Dean!


Bachelor of Business (Advertising) / Bachelor of Psychology

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