Julia Brown

Tea and Buns with Dr Ruth Knight

NOVEMBER Tea and Buns | Why more women are turning to social entrepreneurship, and what it takes to thrive

Dr Ruth Knight will be chatting with Julia Kready from The Xfactor Collective about the attributes of female social entrepreneurs, and why so many women are founding and leading social enterprises. Julia will share some of her insights about how women becoming empowered and equipped to lead effective social and environmental change. We welcome all practicing…

Philanthropy Australia Blog

Case widens class of grant recipients for foundations

Great article on the recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal case and its potential consequences for grantmaking! Thank you Philanthropy Australia for posting this blog, with analysis from Emeritus Professor and Life Member of Philanthropy Australia, Dr Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM. This article offers insight into what the implications are of the recent Global Citizen case for Public Benevolent…

Trust and Fundraising

FIA/ACPNS Alumni Anniversary Breakfast

The inextricable link between trust and successful fundraising Think you know all about building donor, funder and team trust? Think again. This year’s FIA/ACPNS Alumni Anniversary Breakfast will shine a light on what it takes to build deep stakeholder confidence and loyalty – and the insights from researchers and sector experts may surprise you! Trust in…

ACPNS Jennifer Kruwinnus PhD Seminar

PhD Articulation Seminar – Jennifer Kruwinnus

Join us on Tuesday, 31 August at 2:00pm (AEST) for Jennifer Kruwinnus’s PhD Confirmation Seminar on “Increasing gender balance in nonprofit CEO positions: How women make it to the top.”  This research seeks knowledge to increase gender balance in Chief Executive Officer (CEO) positions in the Australian nonprofit sector (NPS), where a significant gender gap has…

ANZTSR & ACPNS Philanthropy Webinar

ANZTSR Philanthropy Webinar

On the 17th August,  ANZTSR held a great Philanthropy Webinar in partnership with ACPNS! This webinar covered two topics presented by female early career Researchers Zurina Simm and Sharon Nathani. The first topic, presented by Zurina Simm, was on “Philanthropy and Social Justice: Examining the Impact of Grant-making by Philanthropic Institutions in Australia,” which explored the…

QUTeX Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices ACPNS

Sharpen Your Focus for Better Social Impact

Thank you QUTeX for this great blog on Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices written by ACPNS Researcher and course facilitator Dr. Ruth Knight.  NOTE: The recent Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices Course was a huge success. Please register your interest for upcoming sessions by emailing This blog offers great insight into what you…

Secure a Grant Tutorial ACPNS

Secure a Grant | Grant-seeking Tutorial!

Access high-quality resources, grants and expertise for your organisation! If you’re looking to secure a grant for your cause or get a behind-the-scenes look at what donors in your area are doing, this free tutorial is for you! The tute allows you to view the QUT Community Collection for grant-seekers, fundraisers and philanthropists and shows you how to…

ACPNS Legal Case Notes

Latest nonprofit legal case notes now available!

Like reading legal cases but short on time? The second 2021 summary of significant nonprofit legal case notes is now available. Researchers at ACPNS scan Australia and the world constantly for legal cases that involve important issues concerning charities, nonprofit organisations, philanthropy, gifts and bequests. Our Quarterly Case Note Summaries capture key legal cases in an easy-to-digest…