Congratulations to our new ACPNS real-world graduates!


A big congratulations to our recent Grad Certificate, Masters and PhD graduands who attended the QUT Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday the 26th of July, 2022.

This group of graduands is comprised of:

Doctor of Philosophy

Kylie Louise KINGSTON – Thesis topic:  Becoming Plural: Rethinking Accountability to Beneficiaries in Nonprofit Organisations Through Evaluation.

Jacqueline Joy BETTINGTON – Thesis topic: How Does Director Financial Literacy Influence Financial Monitoring? Jacqueline also received the QUT Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award for her work, which recognises and promotes excellence in postgraduate research in Australia.

Zoey LU – Thesis topic: Studies of Charitable Foundations in China.

Master of Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies)

  • Eleanor Faye GARDNER
  • Jason Guy LANE

Graduate Certificate in Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies)

  • Barbara Louise ARMSTRONG
  • Alexandra Kaye BULL
  • Michael Neville FALLON
  • Angela LEE
  • Bonnie Maree POLER
  • Danielle Sarah WILLIAMS
  • Melissa BINKS

We are very proud of what they have achieved and wish them well for what is ahead in this vibrant and important sector!

If you too are interested in studying with us here at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) then check out our courses here.

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