Celebrating our volunteers!

We love a good ACPNS employee story!

Volunteering is such a rewarding way to give back and this has been demonstrated by the Habitat Brisbane volunteers.

The Habitat Brisbane program is Brisbane City Council’s community bushcare volunteer program. It supports over 160 Habitat Brisbane groups and is run by dedicated volunteers who play an important role in restoring and rehabilitating Brisbane’s nature reserves, particularly those areas that were affected by the floods in February.

Volunteering within Brisbane’s nature reserves not only has a lasting impact on the environment but on the volunteers themselves. The program allows you to develop new skills, connect to nature and improve your mental wellbeing.

Thank you, Lucy Stone and ABC Radio Brisbane, for featuring ACPNS Research Assistant, Chloe Parker in your piece on the Habitat Brisbane volunteers. It is lovely to see the amazing work that she is doing!

“It’s really important to protect and treasure these sites, because they’re so unique and precious,” Ms Parker said. “At the end of the two hours you can look back and see exactly what you’ve done. I think that’s what’s so rewarding about volunteering.”

If you want to volunteer or find out more about Habitat Brisbane, go to the BCC page or call them on 07 3403 8888.


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