Building Your Organisation’s Evaluation Capacity and Capability

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What obstructs and promotes evaluation in third sector organisations (nonprofits and social enterprises)?

Conducting an evaluation has been a practice used by many third sector organisations to critically examine how a program or intervention was implemented, and if it achieved ‘success’. Evaluations help managers and practitioners learn about how to improve program and service delivery effectiveness, and/or to inform whether an intervention is efficient and effective.

There are different types of evaluations, formative and summative. More recently third sector organisations have been focussing on outcome and impact evaluations which often collect real-time data so that managers can continuously improve a program as it is being delivered. Ongoing outcome and impact measurement allows managers to be more responsive to feedback and insights they gain from outcome data. Rather than waiting till the conclusion of a program or funding agreement, it allows them to make early informed decisions about whether to continue, discontinue, replicate or scale up a program or intervention.

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