Want some great resources for your nonprofit library?

If you’d like some free resources for your nonprofit, social enterprise or philanthropic foundation, we’ve got you covered!

ACPNS is relocating to another building at Gardens Point Campus so the less we need to pack and take with us, the better! We will be opening our boardroom to anyone who would like some great ACPNS publications for their nonprofit, social enterprise or philanthropic organisation. Great resources for anyone working or studying in the sector!

When: Friday 18 or 25 March, 2022 between 9:00am-4:30pm

Where: ACPNS, B Block, Level 2, Room No. 219 (2 George St, Brisbane) Campus map  Parking info

Remember to bring along a shopping bag | Sorry, no posting – drop ins only

What’s on offer?

  • Giving Australia reports 2016 – the largest ever research effort into philanthropic behaviour to understand how, why and how much Australians give to charity
  • Foundations for giving 2012 – why and how Australians structure their philanthropy
  • Who’s asking for what? 2013 – Fundraising and leadership in Australian nonprofits
  • Keeping giving going 2018 – Charitable Bequests and Australians
  • Is Philanthropy Relevant? 2009 – Professional advisers in Australia
  • Every Player Wins a Prize 2008 – Family provision applications and bequests to charity
  • Nonprofit Sector and Accounting Almanacs
  • The Secretary’s Handbook 2008 – For Qld incorporated associations
  • And many more!

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