Period Positivity – A joint ACPNS and TAFE Qld partnership

This week, ACPNS in partnership with TAFE Queensland, launched a Period Positivity research initiative aimed at understanding women’s  personal period experiences. As part of the project, students and staff at all Gold Coast TAFE campuses now have access to free period products.

It is hoped that this initiative will be extended to a further 50 TAFE Queensland campuses once the impact is revealed through the research ACPNS is conducting, led by Dr Ruth Knight. The program was launched on International Women’s Day to champion menstrual health and equity for all.

MPhil student, Kaiti Peters was interviewed on ABC Radio about the research. Listen in on ABC radio (from 1:20:50) or read more about the project on the TAFE Qld’s site.

Period poverty is a real issue that is under-researched and we have anecdotal evidence of teachers personally donating products but there is a lack of data about the level of need. We’ve been told girls use socks or rolled up toilet paper with underwear left on the floor or in bins while toilets are only accessible at certain times of the day. Unfortunately, what is a basic human right is often seen as a taboo topic.

Dr Ruth Knight


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