OCTOBER Tea and Buns | Rethinking the drivers of employee performance in the future of work

In October, Ruth will be speaking to Dr Ben Farr-Wharton from Edith Cowan University as for the past decade Ben has been exploring the enablers of, and barriers to, employee wellbeing. This has resulted in Ben having a passion for exploring the topics of workplace wellness and engagement.

Ruth and Ben will be chatting about:

  • Do we know what drivers influence workplace performance?
  • Do the relational and social elements at work drive or prevent workplace wellbeing?
  • What does research tell us about workplace stress and compassion?
  • What are some practical suggestions for leaders?

Ben Farr-Wharton is Associate Dean of Management, School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University. Ben has examined the impact of supportive management and leadership on employee wellbeing, including analysing the ensuing impact of stress, safety culture, sick leave and engagement. Ben’s research partners span a number national and international, large, health care, public service and not-for-profit organisations. Ben has undertaken research for the Australian Army, Ramsay Health Care, The Maltese Civil Police Force, State Emergency Services, the Centre of Work, Health and Safety (NSW), and Humanitas Hospital (Italy).

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