Sharpen Your Focus for Better Social Impact

Thank you QUTeX for this great blog on Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices written by ACPNS Researcher and course facilitator Dr. Ruth Knight. 

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This blog offers great insight into what you can expect to gain from undertaking QUTeX’s Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices Course.

Most nonprofit organisations and social enterprises are on an outcomes/impact measurement journey, meaning they are developing strategies to understand and evidence how their services and activities are creating social change and impact. Measuring outcomes communicates to donors, policy makers and funders about the value their organisation offers communities. It demonstrates accountability to clients and customers, and it helps organisations manage and improve the impact they make.

– Dr. Ruth Knight

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Dr. Ruth Knight also runs a Community of Practice Series called Tea and Buns, which covers a variety of topics and features experts from all walks of life. Follow the link to find out more about her series and register now to attend the next session in September

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