PhD Articulation Seminar – Jennifer Kruwinnus

Join us on Tuesday, 31 August at 2:00pm (AEST) for Jennifer Kruwinnus’s PhD Confirmation Seminar on “Increasing gender balance in nonprofit CEO positions: How women make it to the top.” 

This research seeks knowledge to increase gender balance in Chief Executive Officer (CEO) positions in the Australian nonprofit sector (NPS), where a significant gender gap has been identified. Accordingly, this research answers the research question “How can gender balance in nonprofit CEO positions be increased?” A lack of research exists on the NPS specific structural factors that cause the underrepresentation of women in nonprofit (NP) CEO positions, and the independent, personal factors that help women become NP CEOs. To address this gap, a qualitative approach is being undertaken, which incorporates a focus group with leaders of peak NP bodies, a focus group with female NP CEOs, and forty semi-structured interviews with male and female NP CEOs. The findings will be considered through Bourdieu’s theoretical framework of capital, habitus, and field. This study will add to the gender and management literature of the NPS and offer normative guidelines for women on how to become NP CEOs. The data should also provide the government, NP organisations, boards, and peak NP bodies with insights to address the structural factors currently hindering women from progressing into NP CEO positions.

– Jennifer Kruwinnus

More event details provided below:

Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Time: 2:00pm (Brisbane AEST)

Location: GP-Z1121, Z Block Level 11, Gardens Point Campus


Password: 103115


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