ANZTSR Philanthropy Webinar

On the 17th August,  ANZTSR held a great Philanthropy Webinar in partnership with ACPNS!

This webinar covered two topics presented by female early career Researchers Zurina Simm and Sharon Nathani.

The first topic, presented by Zurina Simm, was on “Philanthropy and Social Justice: Examining the Impact of Grant-making by Philanthropic Institutions in Australia,” which explored the sociological significance of philanthropy by focusing on the power and influence of Australian philanthropic foundations in their interactions with non-profit organisations.

The second topic discussed was on “Philanthropic foundation networks in the arts: Is philanthropy influencing the arts?,” presented by PhD candidate from the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University, Sharon Nathani. Her research explores the relationships between institutional philanthropic funders, philanthropic funders and beneficiaries in the arts and culture, and relationships between beneficiaries.

If you missed out on watching this webinar live – not to worry!

The recording is now available on the ANZTSR website Philanthropy – (

Happy watching and make sure to join us at the next Philanthropy webinar on “Maximizing the philanthropic potential of ancillary funds” on Thursday 9th September

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