AUGUST Tea and Buns | Dealing with Uncertainty (and why it’s going to be okay)

At this month’s Tea and Buns, Ruth chatted with Mark Berridge on the topic of Uncertainty.

Mark had an accident and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. This unexpected and life-changing moment interrupted a successful corporate career and he had to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing whether he would walk, run or work again. Today Mark shares his story of recovery to inspire people and remind them that confronting challenges in life is what drives personal growth, meaningful connections and builds resilience.

How would you deal with a life changing accident, circumstance or challenge – how would you mentally face the uncertainty of what the future might hold?

This is a very topical subject to discuss with all the uncertainty we are facing individually and as a community, so Mark will be sharing his tips about reducing anxiety and living through challenging times- and what angels and demons to be mindful of.

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We look forward to seeing you there with a cuppa!

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