Results and findings from the Pro Bono 2021 Nonprofit Salary Survey

Since 2013, the Pro Bono Salary Survey has been helping nonprofit organisations by mapping out trends and offering in-depth insight and analysis that allows individuals and organisations to effectively benchmark their remuneration practices. Since then, it’s become the largest and most trusted nonprofit salary report in Australia by delivering a robust evidence base which can be trusted by boards, CEOs and managers to guide them when reviewing vital remuneration decisions.  As part of the 2021 report, ACPNS researchers contributed data on an analysis of tenure, education, professional background and bonus payments across the nonprofit sector.

In this article, Backgrounds and bonuses: What do we know about not-for-profit leaders?, ACPNS researchers, Dr Alexandra Williamson and Dr Tracy Qu explain what the 2021 Salary Survey tells us about the experiences and education that nonprofit leaders bring to their roles, and whether their experience and qualifications are reflected in their salaries.

Further, data on the effects of COVID-19 on salaries in the social sector are discussed in the article, NFP salaries remain steady amid COVID chaos, and in this freely accessible webinar recording, 2021 Salary Survey: Has COVID-19 affected remuneration in the not-for-profit sector?, researchers take you through the results and findings of the survey and discuss the future of the project and the importance of nonprofit research.

You’ll gain an understanding of the results of the Salary Survey, how to interpret them for your organisation in terms of benchmarking and how to use those results for the benefit of your staff and aid negotiation in pay reviews.

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