BSB130 Social Enterprise – Designed to build a sustainable future

The real world is a place of constant change, and to thrive it is important that we anticipate the impact change has on people and organisations. One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today, is how to address the growing social and environmental concerns placed on everyday business operations, as we combat worldwide issues such as human rights violations and climate change.

Increasingly, these issues are addressed through business means in an emerging form of hybrid organisation – the social enterprise. Social enterprises provide innovative and sustainable solutions to resourcing and fulfilling charitable purposes via a business means.

This business core option unit introduces you to social enterprises in a global perspective and helps you to develop human-centred design skills as you build a social enterprise business plan. It will equip you with tools that will enable you to pursue your own social enterprise dreams or implement these sustainable practices in your working life.

Don’t believe us? Hear first-hand from some of this year’s students:

“I believe this class is the best put together, I feel as if no lecture time is wasted.”

“It’s one of the more interactive and ‘fun’ units that I look forward to attending. The course has been an eye-opener to social enterprises and I’m more aware of where I’m buying from and the assignments teach me about significant issues happening globally that I never learnt about before.”

“I find it a very positive learning experience. I really enjoy hearing the success stories of social entrepreneurs.”

“I am loving the unit as a whole as Social Enterprise resonates with my authentic self.”

“I’m enjoying the type of assessment, it’s creative and interesting.”

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