Building Market Share with Trust Innovation

If you’re a retailer looking to grow your market share, then this is the webinar for you!

QUT ‘s Centre for Future Enterprise in partnership with Cisco are launching a new white paper: Trusted Retail Innovation. This paper incorporates research and interviews with a variety of leading and trusted retailers to provide you with real world solutions for how retailers can utilise trust design to win greater market share.

“Retailers are constantly looking for competitive advantage, however in a market of mostly homogenised experiences and processes, finding that strategic competitive advantage is often elusive.” Trusted Retail Innovation white paper

Join QUT’s Centre for Future Enterprise on 29 April at 6pm and hear from a panel of retail experts including Professor Gary Mortimer, Rachael Khoo (Amart Furniture) and Sally Coates (Vimwood Australia) for the launch of the new white paper examining topics such as:

  • What is trust?
  • Why it matters
  • Growing from core trust to extreme trust
  • Measuring and managing trust
  • The role of trust in the customer experience

With leading experts from retail and academia, this event will stretch your horizons and build your awareness around your own brand trust and allegiance.

Register here to secure your spot today!

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