New QUTeX course: Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices

If you’re working in a nonprofit or social enterprise organisation, this short QUTeX course is for you! This course introduces the principles and practice of evaluating the effectiveness of program activities using evaluative and strategic thinking.

This three day course is designed for anyone involved in grant writing, measuring outcomes, evaluations or reporting to stakeholders. It aims to provide a broad overview of key skills relating to evaluation and impact measurement whilst equipping participants with the skills to foster a learning culture, where evaluation is used to prove and improve the impact of programs and services. No prior experience in program design or evaluation is required as this is pitched at those with an introductory to intermediate level of knowledge.

  • Learn the key concepts in a practical and applied setting;
  • Gain access to a series of templates and case studies which can be used and shared within their organisation, beyond the life of the workshop experience; and
  • Engage with like-minded and supportive peers within a collaborative group learning environment.

This course is facilitated by ACPNS experts, Dr Ruth Knight and Louise Baldwin.

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