Lifeline op shops go online to maintain services through pandemic

Great article and news story about how COVID brings out the ingenuity in nonprofits! Thank you QUT Media for posting this article and for including insights from ACPNS researchers.

Australia’s more than 20,000 social enterprises make an enormous positive contribution to Australians’ lives.

  • Online op shop platform launched within one month of COVID-19 lockdown
  • 12,000 people call Lifeline Queensland each month for crisis support
  • Sophisticated use of social media to promote sales
  • Social enterprises such as Lifeline Queensland op shops must innovate to stay relevant

Social enterprises are activities that deliver a service or make or sell goods solely for the benefit of people rather than for profit.

Lifeline op shops are one of Australia’s largest and best-known social enterprises. When the COVID-19 lockdown hit last year, Lifeline Queensland’s 130 stores had to close virtually overnight, resulting in the loss of a substantial source of revenue for their vital crisis support and suicide prevention services. Read more

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