Know a person or organisation that matters? Let’s celebrate them!

We’d love to hear from you!

This year we’re celebrating all the individuals and organisations who are doing all they can to #supportwhatmatters. If you know someone who deserves celebrating, let us know. We’ll be featuring different individuals and organisations throughout our 20th year to celebrate this vibrant and caring sector.

Nominate an individual or organisation

This is your opportunity to tell us about someone you know who is doing amazing work in the sector. It could be anything, from protecting animals and the environment to supporting vulnerable people and communities. It might be a small thing, it might be huge. Whether it’s a person, team or organisation, if they #supportwhatmatters, we want to hear about it. (And don’t forget, that may include YOU or YOUR ORGANISATION, so please don’t be shy.)

Use the comments box below or email and you may see your nominee being celebrated via our social media very soon!

Tell us what YOU think matters

What nonprofit research and teaching matters to you? What would you like the researchers at ACPNS to investigate that may help your organisation or the sector as a whole? We always love to hear from you when planning our research and teaching activities, so let us know what you think by emailing

Download the #supportwhatmatters flyer

We’re hoping for a ton of fab photos by the end of our 20th year of people from across the sector telling us what matters to them. Join in by downloading the ACPNS_SupportWhatMatters_Flyer, writing down the issues that matter to you, and posting them on social media with the below hashtags. Otherwise email us your pic and we’ll do it for you 🙂




  1. The Forde Foundation is a perpetual and independent charitable trust that assists to improve the lives of Forgotten Australians and other people who were in the care of Queensland institutions or foster care as children, known as Forgotten Australians and care leavers. For 2020-21, the focus of the Forde Foundation Board of Advice is for COVID-19 priorities is to support Forgotten Australians and other care leavers to remain connected to friends, family, employment and the broader community. For further information please go to our website – Home – Forde Foundation

    • gill4 Reply

      Fabulous work by this gorgeous org! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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