Happy Holidays from everyone at ACPNS!

Here at ACPNS we consider ourselves very fortunate. Each and every year we are in the enviable position of hearing many heart-warming stories of giving. This has never been more true than in 2020, the year that has reminded us all that giving, kindness and community is everything.

While there are too many touching stories to retell, big and small, (and of course many are not ours to tell), you can read some here that stuck in our minds and brought big smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes.

The power of leverage! A business friend/giver called last week for recommendations of a nonprofit working in a particular location and cause area. His aim: multiply community impact by encouraging/mentoring other entrepreneurs to get into philanthropy and benefit a charity that’s a ‘good fit’ for them. Had me pondering the ‘beyond dollar’ giving possibilities we all have – and the contagious joy of giving. #ViralGiving!


My friend Jules decided to buy a gift voucher at a Mudgeeraba café to bless someone with a free breakfast….. This simple gesture has created a wave of human kindness through a ‘pay it forward’ initiative. In just a few weeks more than $1,000 has been given to those doing it tough for a cup of coffee or a meal.



UNESCO says that since 1995, the proportion of girls receiving primary and secondary education has increased from 73% to 89%. In actual numbers, that’s an extra 180 million girls in school compared to a generation ago (and three times more women are also now enrolled in universities). 


Source: UNESCO 2020 Gender Report


Was on my community FB site and some on mentioned that an elderly neighbour had been told by the Council that she had a month to clear her overgrown yard. She’s unwell, undergoing cancer treatment and does not have family nearly. Someone suggested a ‘Busy Bee’. Last weekend over 30 complete strangers turned up to help clear her yard. 


During lockdown, many neighbours in our suburb started to help each other. We helped our elderly neighbours with their garden, and she gave us some lovely homemade spring rolls. 

Abbie (Ruth’s daughter)






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