Help us better understand philanthropic culture & how it relates to fundraising performance!

As we move into 2021, after a year of uncertainty and change, a strong and positive organisational culture is critical. Organisations need to support their culture as they search for sustainable and innovative ways to fund their work.

To assist the sector, ACPNS and Adrian Sargeant from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy are working in partnership to create a tool for nonprofit organisations so they can measure and monitor their philanthropic culture – the way people within the organisation think, feel and act towards fundraising. The tool helps organisations understand the shared beliefs about fundraising, the role of fundraisers and the Board. It assesses how donor-centric the culture is, and the shared understanding of the organisation’s fundraising goals and fundraising performance.

If you would like to test the tool, and assess your own organisational culture you are invited to take the 10 minute survey.

Whilst you won’t receive individualised results, the survey is anonymous and the aggregated results will be shared in 2021 to help us all learn more about what role philanthropic culture plays, and what areas of culture might help organisations improve their fundraising performance.

Read more about this project on the ACPNS Culture of Philanthropy research page


Download this free flyer on building a philanthropic culture in YOUR organisation!


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