THE EVENT OF THE YEAR | FIA/ACPNS Fundraising Summit, 10 Nov

If you haven’t already registered to attend next week’s FIA/ACPNS Fundraising Summit, you’re not too late!

This year’s FIA/ACPNS Alumni Anniversary promises to be a veritable feast for fundraisers and nonprofit CEOs from across Australia and NZ! This half-day fundraising summit will give you the know-how of some truly great fundraising thinkers as you set out to raise more with less post-COVID, to take your fundraising to the next level in 2021.
This mix of live and pre-recorded sessions covers these important topics:
  • Fundraising and Wellness
  • Loyal Donors
  • Gifts in Wills
  • Annual Giving
  • Technology
  • Major Giving
Don’t miss your chance to hear from highly sought-after speakers including Adrian SargeantKay Sprinkel Grace and Russell James III, and local luminaries including Kenneth Watkins and Julia Keady, who will share the issues, strategies, research, resources and tips you need to unleash your fundraising program’s potential.
And remember, ACPNS students and alumni receive a discount, so don’t miss out!

Feeling lucky?

Only FIVE dollars for the chance to chat with an experienced fundraiser? It’s a no-brainer!

At this year’s FIA/ACPNS Alumni Anniversary, you have the chance to win 45minutes (online or in person) with a fundraising expert to chat about your fundraising goals, challenges and campaigns. Get insider knowledge on what’s trending and what works. Tickets are only $5.00 each and winners will be announced in real time at the conclusion of the Fundraising Summit on 10 Nov 2020. You will also be supporting future philanthropy, nonprofit and social enterprise students as 100% of proceeds will go towards student scholarships.

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Thought leaders include;

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