New social enterprise undergrad unit starting in 2021!

Get excited changemakers! For the first time ever at QUT, a social enterprise unit will be available to undergrad students!

Real world social and environmental issues are increasingly addressed through business means in an emerging form of hybrid organisation – the social enterprise. Traditionally, the government and charity sectors sought to meet community needs, however resource constraints and increasing demand make this increasingly difficult. Social enterprises provide innovative and sustainable solutions to resourcing and fulfilling charitable purposes via business means. This business core option unit introduces you to social enterprises in a global perspective, and helps you to develop Human-Centred Design skills as you build a social enterprise business plan.

This unit, BSB130 Social Enterprises, will be available university wide from 2021 as a single unit study. It is cross institutional and offered internally and externally. You can even study BSB130 from abroad!

Find out more on the QUT courses page and get excited about making a positive difference in the world!

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