WEBINAR RECORDING | Is COVID-19 hurting your job or career opportunities?

July’s Tea and Buns recording is now available. 

In only a few months, the pandemic has upended the daily lives of people around Australia including those working in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. Many people have lost their job, or their job has been downsized, they have had to work from home, or learnt how to do their diverse work remotely. All of these changes have made many employees question what their future career might look like if organisations don’t return to a traditional working environment or staff numbers.

At this free webinar, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife and Dylys Bertelsen who leads experienced nonprofit recruitment agency and social enterprise Windsor Group, discussed what you should be thinking and doing to protect and bolster your career and opportunities amid COVID-19.

An excellent webinar for both employers and employees to listen to, as we all adapt to a changing work environment.

Access the recording. 

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