FREE UPCOMING WEBINAR | Learning from fear and how it affects decision making | 28 May

Join us for the next Tea & Buns with QUT’s Dr Ruth Knight and Eleanor Carey

Eleanor Carey, dual world record holding adventurer, entrepreneur and author, will be sharing how fear has impacted her decisions, and strategies she has used to overcome fear. She will draw parallels between undertaking an extreme test of physical and mental strength rowing across the Pacific Ocean, and working in community organisations and social enterprise during times of change and uncertainty.

Join us for this inspiring webinar!


A bit about Eleanor

Eleanor Carey is a dual world record holding adventurer, entrepreneur and author. In June 2018, she spent 62 days crossing the Pacific Ocean by human power in a 25 foot ocean rowing boat, and prior to this cycled solo across Europe.

Originally a physiotherapist, Eleanor shifted gears into the business world becoming the co-founder and CEO of The Generator Innovation Hub which she successfully sold in 2019. She is also a Startup Catalyst Mission Leader, accompanying high growth companies, policy makers, investors and community leaders to Silicon Valley and London. Eleanor is the Adventurer In Residence at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), drawing on the parallels between the worlds of business and extreme outdoors adventures.

Eleanor now shares her experiences of adventure and entrepreneurship – the good, the bad and the ugly – speaking for organisations and schools. She is also the Founder of Vokser, running corporate microadventures to improve psychological fitness in the workplace. Read more about Eleanor Carey

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