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Words of wisdom from ACPNS alums

We recently asked our alumni how they’re getting on at this difficult time – and instead of complaining they sent in their fave quotes and words that inspire them to move forward, even when times are tough. 

Thanks fabulous alumni!

If you would like to add your voice, we would absolutely love to hear from you! If you have some powerful words or quotes that have helped you remain calm and focused, even in these difficult times, please share them – with us and your fellow alumni. Drop us an email today:


“You are much more than you know.” 

Victoria Lister




“We will get through these difficult times TOGETHER and come out STRONGER.”

Swadha Das Mohapatra




“The wisdom you’ve learned is worth the journey.”

Leanne Paulsen



“Now more than ever, our community needs those that take the time to care for others. You are all doing a fabulous job and there are many people out there that appreciate what you’re doing.”

Marsha Strelow



“When you believe in you, the world can change. Anything is possible. When you believe in someone else, sincerely and absolutely; you give that person permission to walk through fear. When we believe in each other, there is no mountain we cannot cross, for together, we are formidable.”

Gayl Chivers

“Working in the NP space is exhilarating and terrifying! Exhilarating because I get to work with people who don’t just think making our world a better place is a good idea: but they make it happen. And terrifying because the upskilling, flexibility, leadership and emotional intelligence needed for this calling demands great resilience. I balance my workload through feeding on positive podcasts (like those offered by Brene Brown ) lots of exercise, good food and friends that ‘keep it real.”

Helen Glen


Thank you to these lovely ladies for their beautiful and encouraging words!

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