Develop Your Organisation blog series

What does a nonprofit organisation or a social enterprise need to thrive? And how is its effectiveness and efficiency measured?

There are questions we’re often asked. The Developing Your Organisation blog, developed by ACPNS, is a valuable resource for you and your organisation, designed to give you the skills and know-how to create a sound organisational structure and improve your organisation’s governance and functioning.

Each month we will be posting great tips and easy-to-implement practices to help your nonprofit thrive. Topics will include:

  • Develop Your Accounting & Accountability
  • Develop Your Board
  • Develop Your Culture
  • Develop Your Fundraising
  • Develop Your Legal Frameworks
  • Develop Your Leadership
  • Develop Your Management
  • Develop Your People
  • Develop Your Philanthropy
  • Develop Your Social Enterprise
  • Develop Yourself

So tune in and get excited about this fab blog – you’re going to love the simple tricks and tips to get your nonprofit or social enterprise buzzing!

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