Complimentary director financial literacy training workshops for practising board directors

Brush up on your financial skills and learn how to quickly navigate through the numbers to reveal the strategic financial story of your organisation.

Over four hours our experts in governance and director education will guide participants in applying a practical framework to analyse financial statements and formulate questions to raise at board meetings. Accounting concepts and principles central to financial governance will be unpacked through an initial application of the framework to a case study. By applying the framework directly to financial statements participants will learn how to highlight areas of key strategic interest and add value to board decisions beyond approving the financial report. During the workshop participants will also have the opportunity to apply the framework to analyse their own’ organisation’s financial statements and develop strategies to quickly and effectively work through the finances when preparing for board meetings.

Workshops will be held on-site at QUT Gardens Point (Brisbane) and concurrently as webinars.

Light refreshments will be provided for participants attending workshops on-site at QUT.

Workshops are scheduled for on the following dates:

• Tuesday 12 February 2019 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm
• Wednesday 13 March 2019 from 8:00am to Noon

Register your interest in attending workshop here.

If are interested in attending a workshop but can’t make either of the times scheduled, please register your interest and nominate alternative dates and times.

Workshops for whole boards may also be arranged by contacting Jackie Bettington (details below).

Researchers at the QUT School of Accountancy have also developed a short online Director Financial Literacy Test for directors to verify their capability to monitor an organisation’s finances.  We also invite current and former board directors to test their director financial literacy capability and share their views on director financial literacy. By participating in this research you will receive your test results, a copy of the Director Financial Literacy Checklist and Competency Framework, and study research reports and resources.

Should you know of a colleague who believe may interested in participating in this project and training, feel free to forward this email invitation to them.

Jackie Bettington | PhD student | j.bettington@qut.edu.au

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    David Pierce Reply

    Hi Jackie, I am sitting in the audience at the NDA QLD and painfully aware that I may fall below the financial literacy line required for board members. Do you intend to run more of the financial literacy training? I hope so!

    I enjoyed your contribution as I know numbers frighten me and financial reports are chokkas with numbers!

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